Critics Accuse Ted Cruz of ‘Fake Compassion’ As He Hands Out Water After Mexico Trip


Fresh from a trip to a Mexican beach resort, Texas Senator Ted Cruz appeared keen to show he was helping others during the statewide emergency that he—temporarily—left behind this week.


The Republican lawmaker has been under fire over his decision to fly to Cancun as a winter storm—and a creaking power grid—left millions without electricity and latterly without drinking water throughout the state.


Two days after he admitted his „mistake” and flew home, new pictures of Cruz were posted on his official Twitter account.


In them, Cruz—sleeves rolled-up and wearing a Texas flag mask—was handing out bottles of water to those in need. The photos came captioned „#TexasStrong.”


But some commentators suggested Cruz’s gesture appeared somewhat hollow.

Writer Melissa Ryan, a former digital strategist for Democratic campaigns, accused Cruz of showing „fake compassion.”


„I’m glad someone in Ted Cruz’s Senate office finally instructed him on how to fake compassion, humanity, and creating the illusion that he cares about the people he was elected to serve,” she wrote.